Peru and Chile form alliance to protect border’s natural resources

(LIP-jl) — After recent turmoil caused by a recurring maritime limit dispute, as well as controversy caused by a Chilean produced documentary film depicting the War of the Pacific, Peruvian and Chilean authorities are finally uniting their efforts to preserve something that is in each country’s best interest: Natural resources.

A special labor commission comprised of officials from Peru and Chile has been implemented to help protect and conserve natural resources and wildlife along Peru’s southern region and Chile’s northern region.

Members from Peru’s National Institute of Natural Resources (Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales -Inrena) and Chile’s Cattle and Agriculture Service (Servicio Agrícola Ganadero de Chile -SAG) took part in a ceremony held in Lima yesterday to celebrate the beginning of this bi-national campaign that aims to to help preserve often neglected or abused wildlife and national resources in the border region.

According to Irena, the special commission will be the governing authority over programs and projects that are implemented the area, and both parties will have equal say in the commission.

The success of this commission just might open the door to begin to solve some of the current problems between the Andean neighbors.