University teachers? homologation


Even though the head of the cabinet Pedro Pablo Kuczynski didn’t take part in the announcement, Fernando Olivera, leader of FIM party and President Toledo announced during a press conference that the principal teachers in the future will receive 6.700 soles a month rather than 1.760 soles a month.

As many may know, Olivera was “kicked” out as Chancellor a short time ago, but once again he has surprised everybody by showing his great influence in the government and to President Toledo.

Olivera denied having any influence on President Toledo announcement regarding the salary raise for public universities teachers during a press conference where the chief of the cabinet, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski,
was not present. Nevertheless Olivera announced that by the end of the year the policemen will receive a raise even though Kuczynski only left the possibility open. Olivera also announced the end of the nurse’s strike.