Peru: President Garcia’s approval rating drops

Peru's Alan Garcia(LIP-jl) — After a shaky month which saw union groups and laborers from various industries and sectors go on strike, Peruvian President Alan Garcia experienced a 5 percent drop in his May approval rating, according to the Public Opinion Group from Peru’s Catholic University.

Fernando Tuesta Soldevilla, Director of the pollster, indicated that the recent survey also revealed President Garcia’s disapproval rating climbed 8 percentage points to 39%.

"A presidential figure is very susceptible to media coverage and negative exposure, something which has occurred during the past month," explained Tuesta.

Despite the drop in Garcia’s approval, Tuesta indicated that the Peruvian leader has a very ‘acceptable’ approval rating, especially when compared to other Latin American leaders.

Meanwhile, Lima Mayor Luis Castañeda remains one of the most popular politicians in Peru’s political arena as he registered an 80% approval rating.

Other key figures had the following approval/disapproval ratings: Prime Minister Jorge Del Castillo (41% approval, 47% disapproval), Congressional President Mercedes Cabanillas (56% approval, 31% disapproval), former presidential candidate Lourdes Flores (42% approval, 51% disapproval), and former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo (25% approval, 70% disapproval).

Former Peruvian presidential candidate and current opposition leader Ollanta Humala registered an approval rating of 16% while 78% disapproved of his political platform. It is important to note that the survey was conducted in the Lima-Callao metropolitan area and not in provincial Peru where Humala’s popularity is unrivaled.