Peru: Health expert says traveling by bus can cause impotence

(LIP-jl) — Most users who venture into Peru’s city mini-buses, more commonly referred to as Combis, are well aware of the life-threatening dangers that can be caused by irresponsible combi drivers. Now, according to a Peruvian chiropractor, you can add impotence to the list.

Doctor Liam Schubel, Chief of Peru’s Chiropractor’s Alliance indicated that sudden breaking, an all too common occurrence while traveling in a combi, or sitting improperly can cause impotence and infertility. These actions can cause micro-trauma in vertebrates.

"Micro-trauma can progressively move vertebrates out of place, thereby causing excessive pressure on the nerves. In the long run, this pressure can cause a series of health problems such as inflammation of the sciatic nerve, said Schubel to Andina News Agency.

He affirmed that traveling in combis can cause problems in the prostate, headaches, nervousness, and even depression.

The damage is caused by gradual conditions rather than in one event. He advised passengers to sit in individual seats instead of bench seats. Additionally, he advised tall people to avoid from standing inside of smaller buses.