Peru travel: TACA and Lufthansa ponder joint services

(Official press release)

TACA and Lufthansa intend to cooperate closely in future under a memorandum of understanding signed by representatives of the two airlines. Their objective, among others, is to begin codesharing on national and international routes. With an eye on future cooperation, TACA and Lufthansa are also testing other benefits for their customers such as pooling frequent flyer programmes, closely coordinating their flight schedules and mutual lounge access.

“Future partnership with TACA will allow us to offer customers shortly an array of new destinations in Latin America and expand our global network,“ said Jens Bischof, Vice President The Americas Lufthansa. “Our passengers should be able to profit possibly this year from cooperation with the quality carrier, TACA,” added Götz Ahmelmann, Lufthansa Vice President Alliances, Strategy & Subsidiaries.

“TACA is immensely pleased at the prospect of cooperation with one of the world’s leading carriers like Lufthansa,“ observed Alex Benítez, TACA Vice President for Planning. “With the signing of this memorandum of understanding, we are committed to doing our utmost towards meeting the requirements of our customers and ensuring that better day-to-day service awaits them in future.” Daniel Ratti, TACA President for Peru, is confident “that we will be able to offer additional services and a range of new connections that will strengthen our position in commercial air traffic. TACA is showing that it is always in the vanguiard in the airline business.”

Lufthansa lays on daily flights ex Germany to Caracas, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile (SWISS) in a total of 35 weekly connections between its domestic hubs and Latin American markets. With just one stopover and short connecting times, passengers from Latin America can fly to destinations across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Worldwide, Lufthansa serves 192 destinations in 78 countries.

From three hubs (in El Salvador, Costa Rica and Peru), TACA operates flights in an extensive network to 35 destinations in 20 countries across the American continent. Its modern fleet is equipped with new-generation Airbus A319, A320 and A321 jets noted for technical innovation, efficiency and safety, and all configured with Business Class. Additionally, TACA operates cargo, courier and mail services. The airline recently opened a new hub in Lima, which has expanded capacity from 160 to 230 flights weekly. Precision in its flight operations is reflected in the figures: Flight regularity in 2006 averaged 99.74 per cent; the airline’s punctuality (OTP) record in the same year reached 91.91 per cent.


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