Extradition case of Peru’s Fujimori delayed once again

(LIP-jl) — Former Peruvian Fujimori’s extradition case in Chile has suffered another delay as Chile’s Supreme Court Prosecutor was granted a week long extension to submit her recommendation on the former president’s case which started last year.

The head prosecutor, Monica Maldonado, asked for the extension today, claiming that she has not been able to devote the necessary time and effort to the extensive case as other issues have kept her attention focused elsewhere.

Chilean Supreme Court Judge Orlando Alvarez will not be able to emit his decision until Maldonado submits her recommendation, though her findings are not binding to Judge Alvarez’s decision.

According to Peru 21, Alvarez will have all of the time he deems necessary to review Maldonado’s findings, which will include a detailed summary of the charges, evidence, arguments, and additional information regarding the charges and defense in the case.

The Chilean Supreme Court judge will then notify the parties involved (the Peruvian government and Fujimori) and announce his decision 5 days later, which cannot be appealed.

Both Peruvian President Alan Garcia and his Chilean counterpart Michele Bachelet, as well as Fujimori himself, have pledged to respect the Chilean Supreme Court’s decision.

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