Peru: Man robbed after withdrawing money from bank

Peruvian businessman Elmer Rodriguez (above) was robbed yesterday in broad daylight.
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(LIP-jl) — A violent and frightening criminal trend seems to be occurring more frequently in Peru’s capital city. Businesspeople who withdraw large sums of money are being robbed just minutes and kilometers away from the bank from which they withdrew their money.

Peruvian businessman Elmer Rodriguez was the latest victim to be robbed after withdrawing S/50,000 (more than US$15,600) from a bank located in the Lima’s financial district of San Isidro.

Rodriguez, who owns an auto import business located in Santa Anita, was ambushed by masked men armed with assault rifles while he was traveling underneath the Quiñones bridge in his Toyota vehicle.

Eye witnesses told police that a late model BMW (license plate # BQX-044) was used to obstruct Rodriguez’s path.

The armed men pointed their weapons at Rodriguez and took the small briefcase where all of the money was located as if they had previous knowledge of what was inside of the suitcase.

What is surprising is that authorities do not have any leads as to the identities or whereabouts of the suspects who committed the crime in broad daylight at 11am yesterday morning.

The Peruvian media has long speculated that either accomplices working within the city’s banking institutions, or police authorities themselves, are involved in this new style of robbery, though no proof or evidence has been revealed to support the claim.