Peru and Ecuador dispel border issues

Ecuador's Chancellor, Maria Fernanda Espinosa(LIP-jl) — Amid recent rumors that claim there are pending border issues between Ecuador and Peru, Ecuadorian officials quickly dispelled the rumors and stated there are no border problems with its southern neighbor.

According to Ecuador’s Chancellor, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, the relationship between both nations will become stronger as a result of the upcoming summit between the Andean nations.

"We have a great relationship with Peru and it will only get stronger during the upcoming bi-national cabinet meetings that will be presided over by the presidents of both nations," manifested Espinosa.

The Ecuadorian diplomat commented that her country has not had any issues with Peru since they signed a peace treaty which ended a border conflict between the nations in 1998.

"Our borders, both land and maritime, have long been established in writing. Additionally, the treaty will also prevent any possible misunderstandings from occurring in the future," she said.

Presidents Alan Garcia (Peru) and Rafael Correa will head meetings that aim to develop the border region shared by both nations.