Christie’s to give information on buyers of Peruvian historical artifacts

Huari gold mask(LIP-jl) — Peruvian officials have manifested that London-based auction house Christie’s has agreed to provide information on the parties who currently possess or will possess, ancient Peruvian artifacts sold last week at the company’s New York branch.

The recent sales of items from the Nazca, Paracas, and Chavin civilizations at Christie’s and rival auction house Sotheby’s, have caused an uproar in Peru’s cultural and political arenas. According to the Peruvian daily Peru 21, Peruvian cultural officials claim the items were illegally taken from Peru.

Cecilia Bakula, Director of Peru’s National Institute of Culture (Instituto Nacional de Cultura -INC), insisted that the Peruvian government has not given up on its fight to recover the pre-Colombian artifacts through judicial channels.

Bakula stated that a United States based attorney is currently reviewing the matter and added that any possible litigation could include other auction agencies as well.

Peru’s cultural authority also indicated that a recent comment made by Peruvian President Alan Garcia -who said that Peru could purchase the artifacts from the buyers- would be an option only if all other options do not pan out.

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