Peru and Ecuador begin summit in northern Peru

(LIP-jl) — South American Presidents Alan Garcia (Peru) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador) have begun their day long summit in the northern Peruvian city of Tumbes, Peru, which aims to improve bilateral relations between the neighboring countries.

President Garcia received his Ecuadorian counterpart Rafael Correa as his ‘brother’ and friend’ earlier this morning at the Pedro Canga Rodriguez Airport in Tumbes.

According to Garcia, the summit will help both countries grow in the region ‘hand-in-hand.’

"We have arrived here full of enthusiasm and expectations to solidify the fraternal relationship between our people. We look forward to writing a new chapter of shared, complimentary, and integral growth. We need to strengthen the trust in our relationship so that rumors or misinterpreted news will not cause any setbacks," stated Garcia.

Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian delegation, which includes several ministerial cabinet members, indicated they are also excited to embark on a new chapter between the Andean nations.

"We are convinced that we are living a new period in Peru-Ecuador relations, in which everything is positive. It is up to us to increase our common investments, cultural contributions, and above all, our trust," stated Correa.

Earlier this week and amid growing rumors, Ecuadorian Chancellor Maria Fernanda Espinosa declared there are no pending border issues between both nations earlier this week.

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