Biography of Peru’s tenor Juan Diego Florez in beginning stages

(LIP-jl) — According to Peruvian daily Peru 21, the biography of Juan Diego Florez, considered to be one of the best tenors in the world, has embarked on its beginning stages as the book’s writer, publicist and writer Gustavo Rodriguez , interviewed the Peruvian performer for 4 hours yesterday.

The extensive interview delved into various areas of the tenor’s experiences, such as his childhood and teenage years, and how he first became involved in music.

Rodriguez indicated that while Florez is only 33 years-old, he has lived experiences that his fans are sure to find fascinating.

"We need to divulge more positive stories such as Juan Diego’s which exemplifies  success through hard work," said Rodriguez.

Juan Diego, who has been pegged as the most talented tenor since Luciano Pavarotti, highlighted that the support he received from his early musical teachers, Andres Santa Maria and Ernesto Palacio, were key to his rapid musical development.

The writer added that Juan Diego’s story can be universally applied to areas outside of music.