Condoleezza Rice cancels Peru trip again

(LIP-jl) — For the second time during her tenure as the United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice has canceled an official visit to Peru. As was the case the first time, she canceled her trip to what Peru’s Chancellor’s Office explained as a ‘busy schedule.’

"The Secretary of State called off her trip to Lima due to a busy schedule. However, I plan to meet with her in Panama next Monday," Peru’s Chancellor Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde was quoted as saying to AFP news agency.

The chancellor indicated that the US diplomat expressed her ‘profound apologies’ over the cancellation of the June 8 meeting. This is the second time Rice has canceled an official visit to Peru due to a jam-packed schedule,

According to Peru’s RPP Radio, the last time she canceled a trip to Peru was in March of 2006, during former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo’s term.

Garcia Belaunde stated that he will hold conversations with Rice during the upcoming Organization of American States meeting in Panama. Among the topics the two diplomats are scheduled to discuss are the pending free trade agreement as well as the status of Peru’s efforts on the war on drugs.