Peru: Anti-Drug agents raid 2 clandestine cocaine labs

(LIP-jl) — Peru’s anti drug agents delivered an important blow to the country’s illicit drug trade in the jungle highland area of Huanuco yesterday when they destroyed two major clandestine labs in addition to large amounts of chemical agents and instruments used to produce the narcotic.

Authorities identified and destroyed both labs in the Alto Huallaga River Valley (Valle del Alto Huallaga), the same area which was widely acknowledged Peru’s most important cocaine producing area during the 70s and 80s.

The first lab, located in the province of Marañon, was used to produce cocaine paste -a low grade substance that is commonly consumed in South America. The mostly concrete structure was destroyed by agents on land and by police officers flying above in helicopters.

The second site, located in Aucayacu, in the district of Jose Crespo y Castillo, proved to be a much more important find as the site produced large quantities of cocaine hydrochloride (common powder form of cocaine).

Authorities confiscated eight liters of sulfuric acid, eight gallons of methyl alcohol, 24 kilograms of acetone, in addition to unspecified amounts of kerosene – all used to in the production of powder form cocaine.

The High Huallaga River Valley is one of Peru’s largest coca plant growing regions, along with highland jungle regions of Cuzco, and Ayacucho.