Chile Supreme Court prosecutor to recommend extradition of Peru’s Fujimori

(LIP-jl) — The Chilean Supreme Court Prosecutor’s office is expected to deliver its findings on the extradition case against former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori later today. According to two newspapers in the Chilean media, the outcome of the study will not be to the liking of the former president.

Chilean newspapers El Mercurio and La Tercera claim that Chilean Supreme Court Prosecutor Monica Maldonado will recommend extradition based on human rights violations which occurred in the Barrios Altos (1991) and La Cantuta (1992) massacres during Fujimori’s first presidential term.

According to the charges, the massacres were committed by the ‘Colina’ paramilitary group which was allegedly created by Fujimori and his former presidential adviser/spy chief Valdimiro Montesinos.

Former Colina members have come out of the shadows during the past few weeks to affirm they received orders from ‘high Fujimori government authorities’ to commit the atrocious crimes.

Though Maldonado’s findings may influence Chilean Supreme Court Judge Orlando Alvarez, her recommendation is not binding to the case against the former president.

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