Lima, Peru: Gay night club reopens without violence

Residents from El Sur apartment building held a candle night vigil last night as Down Town reopened its doors. The night club is located on El Sur’s first floor.
© Andina

(LIP-jl) — After having been closed by the municipality of Miraflores for the past few months, Down Town – one of Lima’s largest and most popular gay night clubs, reopened last night without any major incidents.

Despite Miraflores Mayor Manuel Masias’ repeated warnings that the club would be immediately shutdown if administrators attempted to reopen the establishment, authorities did not intervene in the club’s reopening night club.

Down Town, backed by a court order which voids the city’s closure, officially reopened as local figures from the Peruvian entertainment scene peeled off closure signs that were placed on the club’s main entrance by municipal agents last April.

The club’s reopening was not entirely smooth as residents from the El Sur apartment building (the night club is located on the first floor of El Sur) held a candlelight vigil to protest the club’s reopening.

According to Peruvian daily Peru21, residents from the El Sur apartment building – which houses approximately 150 families, have long complained about the excessive noise and vibrations the club causes in their building.

Masias reiterated that the building’s resident organization has the right to evict Down Town out of its building, something which residents have been attempting to do for over 7 years.

Though the mayor did not mention a specific date, he indicated he will shutdown the night club sometime during the next few days.

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