Song promotes Machu Picchu Peru


(LIP-ir)  —  Ciudad en el Cielo (City in the Sky), a song written to encourage people to vote for Machu Picchu as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, was debuted today by the Minister of Exterior Commerce and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz and Prom Perú.

Composing and performing this song has brought 14 rock pop artists together. Artists such as Raúl Romero, Diego Dibós, Julio Andrade, Gerardo Manuel, Chachi Luján, Nina Mutal, Miguel Tapia, Pierina Less as well as groups such as Dudó and Frágil.

The song was presented by Mercedes Aráoz and the General Manager of Prom Perú, Mara Seminario.

All the artists were present today at the debut which was held at the Swissotel Lima in San Isidro.