Peru: Only 9 out of 100 have home/office telephones, cell phones another story

(LIP-jl) — According to a recent report issued by Peru’s National Chamber of Commerce, Production, and Services (Perucamaras), there are less than 9 telephone landlines for every 100 people in Peru, while eight departments were found to have rates lower than 3 lines per 100 people.

The national average uncovered by Perucameras was found to be 8.76 fixed telephone lines for every 100 people in the country, a slight increase from the 8.37 lines per 100 people registered in December of last year.

The organization indicated that greater efforts on the part of Peru’s telecommunications companies and government agencies are needed to help increase fixed telephone coverage and users.

The departments which registered the lowest ratios were: Huancavelica (0.82 lines per 100 people), Amazonas (1.52), Apurimac (1.57), Pasco (1.87), Puno (1.88), Huanuco (1.96), Cajamarca (2.21), and Ayacucho (2.43).

Not surprisingly, the Lima-Callao metropolitan area had the highest ratios with 16.89 lines per every 100 people.

Meanwhile, Peruvians seem to prefer their mobile telephones as Perucameras revealed there are 35.67 mobile lines for every 100 people.

The Lima-Callao metropolitan area concentrates the highest line to people ratio (58.29:100) while Tacna, Moquegua, and Loreto follow with 55.21, 49.59, and 49.07 mobile phone lines for every 100 people.