Peru: Miraflores night club denies racism charges

(LIP-jl) — The exclusive Miraflores night club Mama Batata, located in the cliffside shopping center Larco Mar, has denied charges that it racially profiles its clientele. Indecopi, Peru’s business regulatory agency, recently sanctioned the night club for discriminatory practices.

The night club’s representative, Daniel Reinoso, denied Indecopi’s findings and indicated they were based on a complaint made by Augusto Barron. Barron claims he was denied entry into the night club based on his skin color while Reinoso affirms that Barron was not allowed to enter the club because he was under the influence of alcohol.

Reinoso reiterated that club personnel decided not to allow Barron into the club due to the danger his behavior posed to others in the club.

"When club personnel denied his entrance into the club he became aggressive and even hit one of our employees who had no choice but to defend himself," stated Reinoso to Peru’s RPP Radio.

The Mama Batata representative claimed that Indecopi based its decision entirely on Barron’s declarations.

"We have presented five evidentiary elements that prove there was no discrimination. If that is not enough, than I don’t know what is," Reinoso said.

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