Peru’s Fujimori to appeal house arrest today

Chilean corrections officers guard Fujimori's exclusive home rental(LIP-jl) — Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori’s legal team will appeal the court order which limits the former leader to the premises of a luxurious home located in the exclusive Chicureo district of Santiago.

Peru’s Supreme Court issued Fujimori under house arrest last Friday after Chilean prosecutor Monica Maldonado recommended extraditing Fujimori on 10 corruption charges and human rights violations that occurred during his presidency.

Fujimori’s defense team will reportedly argue that their client should not be placed under house arrest since he has fully cooperated with Chilean authorities ever since he surprisingly arrived in the country in November of 2005.

"His cooperation with the Chilean Justice system has been impeccable, and he has not done anything to merit being under house arrest," added one of Fujimori’s legal representatives.

Meanwhile, Jorge Saavedra, Secretary of Chile’s Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office, stated that things will soon get worse for the former Peruvian leader as Supreme Court Judge Orlando Alvarez will recommend adding an additional charge to Fujimori’s extradition case.

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