Peru: Pisco sales expected to increase by 200 percent for Father’s Day

(LIP-jl) — Peruvian pisco sales are expected to increase by approximately 200 percent over the Father’s Day holiday season. The increase is based on comparisons of sales of the Peruvian spirit during a typical month.

Peru’s Bodegas Vista Alegre reports that sales of straight pisco (recommended to make Peru’s iconic drink, the tart Pisco Sour) are expected to increase substantially, in addition to special edition piscos.

"Straight pisco sales are expected to jump by 200 percent while special addition pisco and limited produced piscos will likely see increases as high as 300 percent due to its higher market value," said Carlos Perez, General Manger from Bodegas Vista Alegre.

Perez indicated that while most distillers age their piscos for a year, piscos sold by Bodegas Vista Alegre are aged for a minimum of three years, producing a better and softer finish -a characteristic of finer piscos.

"Today’s market tendency is to produce year-aged piscos. This impedes finer and smoother characteristics that are found in older piscos," he said.

Bodegas Vista Alegre’s foreign pisco sales represent 25% of all Peruvian produced piscos sold outside of Peru.