Miners block roads again, continue strike in Lima, Peru

(LIP-jl) — Workers from Casapalca mine, located in the Limean province of Huarochiri, blocked the Central Highway for the second consecutive day early this morning after police authorities battled to reopen the important roadway yesterday evening.

Hundreds of Casapalca workers resumed their protests today near the 112 kilometer marker of the Peru’s Central Highway, after 2 strikers died during yesterday’s altercation involving miners and over 300 police officers.

Officers used tear gas on strikers who had set up road blocks that prevented hundreds of vehicles from continuing on their journey. Miners threw rocks and law enforcement officials used physical force resulting in the death of two unidentified protesters.

According to Peru’s RPP Radio, 20 police officers were also injured during the confrontation .

The striking workers are protesting the government’s apparent disinterest in meeting their demands, which include improved salaries, the reinstatement of more than 300 terminated workers, as well as abolishing notorious employment agencies which provide grossly low wages and little benefits to workers.