Pearl Harbor comes to Peru

(LIP-ir) — The six-month naval mission, ‘Partnership of the Americas’ made its way to Callao, Peru yesterday.

The four-ship naval task force consists of USS Pearl Harbor, USS Mitscher, USS Samuel B. Roberts and the Chilean Navy frigate Almirante Latorre. They began their circumnavigation of South America in April.

Under the direction of the U.S. Southern Command, this operation, ‘Partnership of the Americas’, is to train the participants in a multi-national environment preparing them to deal with narco-terrorism and illicit trafficking.

The USS Pearl Harbor’s port visit to Callao was to promote goodwill, friendship and to take part in training exercises with Peruvian forces.

This is the second time the two nations have joined forces to take part in training exercises. The first was in February of this year when U.S. and Peruvian Air Forces completed a four-day joint combat search and rescue exercise in a deserted region of northern Peru.

Following the the exercise in February, teams from both air forces participated in a joint air show here in Lima.

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