U.S military base in Peru worries Chile

(LIP-ir) — According to Chilean daily El Mercurio, Chile is worried about the installation of a United States military base in Peru.

United States military counter-narcotics and surveillance operations based out of Manta, Ecuador have been looking for a new home since Ecuadorian President, and Hugo Chavez ally, Rafael Correa stated he will not renew the contract that keeps the U.S. there until 2009.

El Mercurio, which did not name its source, stated that the Chilean military is concerned about what the Peruvian government could acquire in exchange for letting the U.S. military use its territory.

The daily mentions that Lima will negotiate the purchase of warlike supplies for lower prices and also have U.S. assistance in its defense efforts.

Peruvian Defense Minister Alan Wagner recently stated that there will not be an installation of any foreign military base on Peruvian soil.

El Mercurio also pointed out that the Chilean Chancellery is concerned about the recurring maritime border dispute.

While Peru does not acknowledge that there is a boundary established, Chile states that the maritime border was set in agreements in 1952 and 1954.

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