4 Peruvians safe after Katrina


The Marquina – Arrendondo couple left Arequipa 2 years ago with the dream of having a better life in New Orelans. They left two children in their home town to take a chance in the tourism business in the States. Since then, they worked in a hotel in New Orelans and they were able to pay the studies for their children in Arequipa. But Katrina blew out all their illusion and they lost everything they had worked for in EEUU. They had the chance to hide a in a safe refuge during the hurricane, the hotel in which they worked, with other 2 Peruvians.

When Katrina was over they had to leave the hotel due to the risk in the structures because of the huge amount of water that the hurricane had brought. Desolation and dead bodies floating in the streets full of water was the only thing left. After a 40 minute walk they were able to find a refugee camp. The shelter was still not safe enough and they had to make turns to rest due to the desperation of the citizens who could attack them anytime.
The couple wishes to get back to Peru as soon as possible, but they don’t have the means to make it possible. They are waiting for the Peruvian consulate so they can get a new passport and come back to their home town Arequipa.

Hugo Pont, a member of the Peruvian consulate in Houston is getting better after having a car accident, right before Katrina. He had to be moved to a hotel with his pregnant wife, his cousin and his family. The Ponte’s hopes to me moved soon to an apartment that the Peruvian consulate will provide for shelter.

There is a total of 170 Peruvians hurt by Katrina, they had been already registered by the authorities.