Controversy about death penalty for rapists


In the last few days various authorities have been discussing the alternative of death penalty for the felony of rape to under age citizens. The only agreement between the authorities is that this kind of aggressors should receive a severe penalty for their felonies.

There are plenty of different points of views concerning this theme. On one hand the proposal of death penalty of congresswomen Julia Valenzuela has been rejected by different authorities. Instead some other authorities proposed the death penalty while others think that the chemical castration would the best solution. Next Tuesday the decision will be discussed in the Congress Commission.

The controversy has generated two clear positions. One against the proposal of death penalty and the other in favor to death penalty and chemical castration.

The President of the judgmental power believes that no one has the right to take away life and that justice in not revenge. The Minister of Health, Ana María Romero also agrees with this position, and believe in effective condemns instead of taking away life.

On the other hand, chemical castration is a good alternative for Monsignor Bambarén, who once more proposes this alternative as a maximum sanction since last December when Congressman Torres was accused of aggression against a girl of 16 years old.
Nevertheless other members of the Catholic Church does not agree with this proposal, for example the Cardinal of Lima, Cipriani, who criticizes capital penalty and chemical castration considering it extreme and not wise, but he also said that there should be a strong punishment and measures for these aggressions.