Humanitarian aid to Peru’s highlands


(LIP-ir) — Despite the fact that winter officially began yesterday, Peru has had a record breaking wave of cold temperatures for over a month now.

Senamhi, the Peruvian weather service, has reported that the Andean highlands have had an average temperature that has been below zero degrees Celcius.

Last Friday a state of emergency was declared in the departments of Ayacucho, Apurímac, Arequipa, Cajamarca, Cusco, Junín, Huánuco, Huancavelica, Loreto, Moquegua, Pasco, Puno and Tacna due to the cold.

On June 15th, Peru’s Government began a crusade in which it collected coats, blankets, shoes and clothes in hopes of aiding the people who have been affected by this cold wave.

Peru’s National Institute for Civil Defense (INDECI) reported that nearly 38 tons of food, clothes, blankets and shoes have already been collected. All donations are being stored at the National Stadium until they are ready to be shipped out.

Head of the Institute, Luis Palomino reported that a significant amount of medicine and a considerable amount of money, donated by various public and private institutions, has also been collected.

Palomino has said that donations can be taken to the National Stadium or can be left at many churches, municipalities and even companies which have chosen to support the cause.

Everything donated will be used to help Peruvians, living 3,800 meters above sea level, protect themselves from this winters’ intense cold. It is estimated that the temperature will continue to decrease.