Peru: Week in Review, Sunday June 24


Choose from a selection of over 20 of Peru’s top stories this week.

Monday, June 18

Judge to sentence Fujimori will not be in court
2000 more patrol cars on Peru’s streets
Survey: Are people from Lima, Peru honest?
Peru’s Downtown Lima endangered
U.S military base in Peru worries Chile

Tuesday, June 19

Fujimori is "attempting to avoid extardiaton," Peru’s Chancellor says
MTC requests new runway for Peru’s Jorge Chavez International Airport
12,372 people detained by Peru’s National Police
No weapons for Peru’s auxiliary police
Cameron Diaz in Cusco, Peru

Wednesday, June 20

Doe Run Peru establishes agreement with Union
Gold Hawk Resources Inc. Announces Fatal Accident at Coricancha Mine
Peru takes maritime dispute to the Hague
First known gunshot victim in Americas discovered

Thursday, June 21

Protestors set fire outside Venezuelan embassy in Lima, Peru
Statutory rape law reformed in Peru
Lima, Peru’s "Godfather" under arrest
The World Bank and Lima, Peru’s traffic
Cameron Diaz takes part in Andean Rituals-Cusco, Peru

Friday, June 22

Peru’s police interrogate illegal Iraqis
Humanitarian aid to Peru’s highlands
Peru’s team ready for Copa America
Cocaine and Explosives found in Lima, Peru
Cameron starts her day early in Cusco, Peru

Picture of the week

Cameron Diaz has offended Peru