Peru: Fatal accident at Metro Supermarket

Angelo Ampuero Chávez at San Juan Bautista Clinic
© Andina

(LIP-ir) — 4 year-old Angelo Ampuero Chávez suffered a fatal accident in one of the stores of the Peruvian supermarket chain Metro, when he fell from a shelf and grabbed hold of a cabinet causing it to fall and land on him.

The store the accident took place in is located on Av. Próceres de la Independencia in San Juan de Lurigancho.

According to General Manager Edgardo Callo the accident took place at 6:30 in the evening when the child left his mother’s sight and climbed on one of the shelves in the store.

"According to the version we have, the child was on one of the shelves and lost his balance, he tried to keep from falling by grabbing a small cabinet’s door handle, by doing so its door opened and the child fell off the shelf which is 20cm off the ground. As he fell he pulled the cabinet on top of him," stated the General Manager.

The manager denied allegations that the child was killed by a computer display that fell on him stating, "The place where the accident took place is far from the computers, which are in the appliance area and not in the furniture section."

He also added that the cabinet didn’t cause the child’s death, "It’s a light melamine cabinet, 1 meter and a half high, but according to the medical report the child died from the impact to his head."

After the accident, Angelo was taken to San Juan Bautista Clinic where he passed away at about 10 p.m. The medical report, Callo explained, "says the boy died from head trauma."

After the accident, Civil Defense inspected the building and verified that it is safe and that the accident was not caused by a lack of store safety.

The Peruvian supermarket chain is going to cover all medical and funeral costs. "No one knows when an accident like this may happen, we are going to provide the family with all the moral, economic and psychological help they need by providing them with three social workers.