Ashmore Energy International (AEI), in Partnership with Promigas, is the New Operator of Cálidda in Peru


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Ashmore Energy International (AEI), an owner and operator of essential energy infrastructure assets in emerging markets worldwide, announced today that in partnership with Promigas it has completed its acquisition of Cálidda from SUEZ Energy International. Cálidda is a natural gas distribution company serving Lima and Callao in Peru. AEI and Promigas hold 60% and 40% ownership positions in Cálidda, respectively. AEI owns 52.9% of Promigas.

The transaction, which was first announced in February 2007, has received all of the necessary approvals, including that of Peru’s Minister of Energy and Mines. AEI and Promigas also have created Compañía Peruana de Servicios Energéticos SA (Copeser) to manage the operations of Cálidda, to focus on the expansion of services in the Lima and Callao service areas and to develop other natural gas projects throughout Peru.

AEI and Promigas have developed a long-term business plan for their operations in Peru. The companies believe that their plan will benefit a large portion of the Peruvian population and they are confident that more people in the country will have access to natural gas than before. Cálidda will pursue an aggressive strategy to sign up new customers. AEI and Promigas also hope to expand the coverage area for the natural gas-powered vehicles market, so that the vehicles become a competitive and viable transportation option in Peru. Meanwhile, Cálidda will work to identify and implement important energy solutions for its industrial clients and to position itself as a responsible corporate citizen in Peru.

About AEI

AEI owns and operates essential energy infrastructure assets in emerging markets worldwide. AEI manages interests in a group of 20 energy assets with operations in 17 countries and more than USD 2.5 billion in revenues (pro forma) and 10,000 employees. The Company serves more than 8.5 million customers worldwide by operating businesses in Power Distribution, Power Generation, and Natural Gas Transportation, Distribution and Services, with more than 37,000 km of gas and liquids pipelines, 129,000 km of power distribution lines, and a gross installed capacity of 1,675 MW. You can visit the AEI Web site .


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