Peru: Supermarket Metro to be inspected after accidental death of 4 year old

(LIP-ir) — Mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, Carlos Burgos is to inspect the supermarket Metro in San Juan at 10 a.m. today. It was decided to inspect the building after 3 and a half year-old Angelo Ampuero Chávez suffered a fatal accident in the store.

After Angelo’s death the supermarket was to be inspected but the San Juan de Lurigancho municipality claims that when Civil Defense went to inspect the store on Thursday June 28 they were denied admission. Thereafter there was a threat by Mayor Burgos to close the store down if access was not granted to Civil Defense inspectors.

In Metro’s defense, General Manager, Carlos Burgos explained that the administrative staff was not present and "told Civil Defense to wait" until they arrived.

When the staff arrived, Civil Defense inspectors had left and claims were made that they were denied access to the store. Callo stated that the administration immediately went to the municipality but were not assisted. Callo has explained that Metro’s doors are open to "any inspection."

Civil Defense has given Metro’s administrators until today to make sure that the store poses no threat or danger, in any way, to its consumers. If any threat is found during the inspection, the store will immediately be closed.

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Peru: Fatal accident at Metro Supermarket (by LIP, June 28, 2007)