Peru: Escaped lioness causes commotion in streets of Ate

(LIP-ir) — An eight-month old lioness was captured yesterday roaming the streets of Ate in Lima. She caused quite a commotion before she was caught and taken to the Huachipa Zoo, where she is now being cared for.

Zoo officials noted that the lioness is missing her front claws which seem to have been this way since the lioness’ birth.

Zoo veterinarian, Ursula Catalina Hermosa has explained that the feline will grow and weigh over 150 kilos and made it clear that the lioness will have deformities in its front paws due to its heavy body weight and a lack of support from the missing claws.

"The animal won’t have its claws and it won’t be easy to adapt with animals of the same species because its in their nature to use their paws and claws to mark their personal space. When interacting with animals of the same species, it will have a disadvantage because it won’t be able to defend itself," the veterinarian lamented.

The feline will be held in a restricted area of the zoo until the National Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA) decides what to do with her.

The veterinarian also added that during her capture the feline’s hind paws were hurt. The young lioness is now in an isolated area separated from other animals. She is calm and has received all of the medical attention needed. "Her condition is stable," stated Dr. Hermosa.

Hermosa clarified that Huachipa zoo will continue taking care of the lioness providing her with everything she needs and supplying her with generous helpings of meat and chicken.

It took Ecological Police 5 hours to catch the 35-kilo feline after having escaped from what is believed to be a traveling circus.