Peru: Chile joins Peru in Aiding Cold Wave Victims


(LIP-ir) — The Chilean government has sent 14 tons of clothes and supplies to Peru, in an effort to aid the thousands of cold wave victims across the country.

Peru’s Chancellery has informed that the help, destined for the highlands, is an initiative taken by Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet.

The 14 tons of supplies sent by the Chilean government consists of: blankets, mattresses, disposable diapers, boxes of non-perishable food and medicine.

The supplies were received on June 29 by the Chilean Ambassador in Lima, Cristián Barrios, the Peruvian Chancellery’s Director of Sovereignty and Limits and civil employees from the National Institute of Civil Defense.

Peru has had a record breaking wave of cold temperatures for several months now. Senamhi, the Peruvian weather service, has reported that the Andean highlands have had an average temperature that has been below zero degrees Celcius.

A campaign, directly supervised by President Alan Garcia, was begun on June 15. Tons and tons of supplies have already been collected for the victims of this cold wave. The aid is directed towards people living 3,000 m.a.s.l. who are not at all prepared to take on these record breaking temperatures.

Donations can be made at the National Stadium, gate 14. There are also churches, private and public businesses which are receiving donations for the people being affected.

For more information please visit www.indeci.gob.pe or call 225 9898 ext. 5110

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