Peru: Saturday News Roundup – July 7


Peru’s teachers have nothing to fear

(LIP-ir)  —  In a speech given by President Alan Garcia today, he told teachers that they do not need to be afraid of the new teacher’s law which was approved yesterday by congress. He explained that the new program will give them the opportunity to be evaluated and to improve. The program has budgeted for teachers to receive training and according to the Chief of State, could receive double their current salary. He stated that the program was being put into effect so that teachers could improve and in turn their could be a better education system in Peru. He added that any person that receives a salary from the government has to be evaluated.

New 7 Wonders results announced today

The New 7 Wonders contest will air today at 15:30 (3:30 p.m.) here in Peru. The results will be announced at the Esadio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal. Event organizers have announced that stadium doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and an international show will begin at 8:30 p.m. The show will include the guest appearance of celebrities such as astronaut Neil Armstrong, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United and American actress Hilary Swank. Other celebrities which are to perform are Jennifer López, José Carreras, Joaquín Cortés, Chaka Khan, Alessandro Safina, Dulce Pontes, among others.

Ecuador, Peru: Officials Meet in Lima

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa and Defense Minister Lorena Escudero were in Lima, Peru, July 6 to meet with Peruvian Foreign Minister Jose Garcia Belaunde and Defense Minister Allan Wagner to create an agenda for bilateral relations. The four are expected to discuss border developments, such as efforts to remove land mines planted along the Condor mountain range during the 1995 Peruvian-Ecuadorian border conflict. (Stratfor)

Direct dialing to benefit 1.5mn prepaid callers – Peru

Some 1.5mn Peruvians that normally make fixed line calls using prepaid plans stand to benefit from the option of making long distance calls using direct dialing, news service RPP reported local telecoms consultancy Alterna Perú’s president Liliana Ruiz as saying. The Peruvian government has launched an education campaign to make people more aware of the long distance dialing options, encourage users to sign contracts with operators for direct dialing and encourage more competitors to enter the market to bring prices down. According to Ruiz, there are currently two popular prepaid plans: limited minute plans and calling cards. The disadvantage of limited minute plans is that callers have traditionally been unable to carry out international calls through direct dialing and always had to use a four-digit system. However, that is changing. The Peruvian government has given the public from July 2 until Oct 31 to freely choose a long distance operator to make domestic and international long distance calls through direct dialing. According to local telephony regulator Osiptel, the measure will enable the entry of new operators to the market. Clients that set up direct dialing contracts before October 31 will be allowed to change operators every two-months if they want. (Business News Americas)

ProInversión prequalifies 5 consortiums for IIRSA Centro hwy – Peru

Peru’s state agency for promoting private investment ProInversión has prequalified five consortiums to take part in the tender process for the concession of the Amazonas Centro highway – known as IIRSA Centro – to be awarded by end-July, a ProInversión official told BNamericas. A total of seven companies are grouped in the five consortiums: Colombian Concesión Vial Amazonas Centro and Centro IIRSA; Peruvian consortium Peruano del Centro, comprised of Graña y Montero and JJ Camet; Brazilian consortium Eje Centro, made up of Odebrecht and Andrade Gutiérrez; and Peruvian-Ecuadorian consortium Concesionaria del Sur, the official said. According to the new schedule, firms interested in participating in the process must submit economic and technical bids on July 23. The name of the winning bidder is slated to be announced on July 26. Upgrading and expanding the 867km highway is expected to require an US$88.4mn investment. The highway – whose official name is Eje Multimodal Amazonas Centro – is part of the South American infrastructure integration initiative, IIRSA. (By Eva Medalla Busniness News Americas)

Consortium formally appeals rural internet tender result – Peru

A consortium that bid unsuccessfully for a contract to deploy broadband services in rural Peruvian communities has appealed the government’s decision to award the contract to incumbent telco Telefónica del Perú (TdP), local press reported. Red Científica Peruana and Compass Group bid for the contract under the name of Consorcio Yachay, and on the strength of their technical proposal made it into the final round alongside TdP and Comsat. However, the auction committee at ProInversión, Peru’s state agency for promoting private investment, disqualified Yachay’s financial proposal. The consortium immediately claimed that the auction committee had made mistakes in applying the formulae written into the bidding rules, but received no reply. The next step has therefore been to point out the error to the ProInversión board, which is made up of eight government ministers, and if that fails, Yachay will take the case to the courts. The board has 30 days to announce a decision on the case. The contract covers installation, operation and maintenance of broadband services in 1,050 rural communities and ProInversión named Telefónica the winner on June 14. Telefónica said it would provide 100 months of service at a monthly cost of US$70 for each access center, while Yachay and Comsat each proposed 71 months of service at US$103 per center per month. Yachay’s team understood from the rules that there was no need to include the installation phase, which last eight months and which explains why Yachay offered fewer months than Telefónica in its bid. However, ProInversión disagrees and says that the rules were clear. (Business News Americas)