Peru: Morning News Headlines – Monday July 9


Garcia: Protestors are trying to hold back country’s progress

(LIP-ir) — In a speech, Peru’s President Alan Garcia stated that those who protest, strike, and block highways, are only attempting to hold back the country’s development. President Garcia directed his statements at the SUTEP (teacher’s union), protestors in Ucayali and Coca plant farmers. He also added that people who protest change are "afraid of responsibility." The President affirmed that despite opposition to change, the country has still shown a considerable growth in production and in the economy when compared to other South American countries.

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Peru welcomes Princess Anne

Peru’s Vice President, Luis Giampietri welcomed Princess Anne from England upon her arrival to Peru. She is here to supervise several humanitarian aid projects. Accompanied by British Ambassador, Catherine Nettleton the Princess was received at the Chancellor’s office. Princess Anne’s first stop was to Iquitos on Sunday, where she went to visit two British ships, Amazon Hope I and Amazon Hope II, which have been converted into "hospital ships". It is planned for Princess Anne to stay in Peru until next Tuesday.

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Peru’s Former President Alberto Fujimori Makes Run for Senate Official

In an event held by Kokumin Shinto, the People’s New Party, Fujimori was officially introduced as their candidate for Senate elections in 2007. The event, with close to 1,000 people present, was held at a train station in Shinjuku. The event started with a speech by Fujimori, displayed on a huge screen, in which Peru’s former President officially declared his decision to run for Senate. Kokumin Shinto leader, Kamei Shizuka has expressed that Fujimori is the "last Samurai" that can help solve kidnapping problems with North Korea.

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Man attempts to row from Peru to Qld

A Dutch adventurer has overcome constant ram raids by sharks and a broken freshwater pump to successfully row solo halfway from Peru to Brisbane. Ralph Tuijn, 35, set off in a custom-made vessel from South America in March, planning to row across the widest part of the Pacific Ocean – a distance of over 16,000 kilometers – without assistance. Last week he made it to the halfway mark of his journey, a pinpoint in the ocean, 111 days after setting off. The father of one expects to reach Brisbane in September. (read entire article at theage.com.au)

Lima Airport Partners Plans $165m Bonds

Airport operator Lima Airport Partners (LAP) is to issue $165m in bonds to refinance existing bank debt. The senior secured amortizing discount fixed-rate notes have been assigned a BBB minus rating from S&P, above that of the sovereign’s BB+ rating. The investment-grade rating reflects the good asset quality of Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, and the experience of its German operator, Fraport AG, said S&P. Jorge Chavez handles 98% of international air traffic to Peru and 89% of cargo traffic, according to S&P. The ratings agency also noted that the LAP’s ownership structure will likely change in the near future. LAP is currently owned by Fraport (42.75%) and Alterra (57.25%). However, Alterra is to sell its stake in LAP to Fraport, which in turn will sell 39.99% to the International Finance Corp. (IFC), Fondo de Inversion en Infraestructura (Fondo), and possibly to other persons or entities. “As a result of these transactions, Fraport will own 60.01% of LAP, IFC 19.99%, Fondo 10.00%, and other persons or entities the remaining 10.00%”, said S&P. (Latin Finance)