Peru: SUTEP Protestors may have caused Bus Accident in Cusco, Peru


(LIP-ir) — At least 14 people have died and 25 more were injured when a bus in Cusco, Peru hit a bridge and rolled off of a cliff. Among the victims were four tourists.

Some of the people who tragically lost their lives in the accident have been identified as: Rosas Champi Cabrera, Agripina Rocca Luna, Hermenegildo Mayo Turpo, Francisco Huanca Ccorimanya, Franklin Beizaga Morales, Virginia Paz Quispe and Nataly Nerma Vargas.

Four Lithuanian citizens were injured in the accident. Rutkaukas Uytautus (34) and Papzivnaite Aukse (32) have been taken to Cusco Regional Hospital while Genevicios Kristijonas Vilnius (33) and Trizys Renigijus Kedainiar(41) have been checked into the Panamericana Clinic.

Chief of Cusco’s Fire Department, Edwin Mancilla stated that the bus, after 10 p.m., may have lost its course after running over a mound of rocks left in the street by SUTEP protestors earlier that day.

The Fire Department, Highway Police and locals from the area all worked on rescuing and helping the victims.

The bus, owned by Lundayani Express transport company was on its Ocongate-Cusco route when it hit a bridge in the area of Saylla and flipped over falling off of a cliff.

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