Peru: Princess Anne Culminates Her Visit to Peru

(LIP-ir) — The last appointment on Princess Anne’s agenda for today was a visit to San Francisco de Asis school, for deafblind children, in Surco. She was there to appreciate the work that British charity, Sense International does with the deafblind children.

Princess Anne was received with warmth and glee as she took a tour through the institution, which was founded in 1981 and now provides 80 of Lima’s poorest children with an education.

Sense International is a British charity founded in 1999. Its primary goal is to advocate the rights of deafblind people as well as other people with multiple handicaps.

It began its operation in India and currently has programs in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Peru, Romania, Tanzania and Uganda.

This program to help the deafblind has been working in the area since 1995. It helps by training professionals and directly assists deafblind people by giving them, for the first time in their lives, a chance to work, enjoy entertainment and take part in rehabilitation programs.

It is estimated that there are 100 thousand deafblind people in Latin America, 11 thousand of which are in Peru.

This was Princess Anna’s last official appointment on her agenda for the day. She left Peru at 11 a.m. after her 4 day stay here. Her visit included trips to Iquitos, the International Center for the Potato, NGO Asidme, NGO Save the Children and San Francisco de Asis School for the deafblind, which works with the British NGO Sense.

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