Peru: Morning News Headlines – Wednesday July, 11


An agreement is made with Casapalca miners

(LIP-ir)  —  Casapalca’s 1,700 miners, in Huarochiri, Peru, will return to work on Thursday now that an agreement has been established. Negotiation’s success can be attributed to Labour Minister, Susana Pinilla’s intervention and willingness to communicate and come to an agreement. It has been agreed that 40 union representatives that had been fired, can now return to work. One of several deals made with the miners is that now they are to receive a 1,000 sole bonus at the end of the month.

Bus Crash in Cusco, Peru

The number of casualties continues to rise in the accident that took place just 8 kilometers from Cusco, Peru. It is now reported that 15 people have lost their lives after the bus hit a curb and flipped over, falling off a cliff. Police have reported that piles of rocks were found on the road and seem to be what may have caused the bus to lose control and fall off the cliff. The rocks had been left their by teachers striking earlier that morning.

Terrorists take advantage of protests

The Minister of the Interior has warned that based on intelligence reports, there are signs of terrorist movement and activity among protestors in an effort to hurt Peru. He notified organizers to take precautions because it seems that terrorists have planned to take advantage of Thursday and Friday’s marches to cause violence and chaos. Marches and protests have been approved so organizers and police can work together in creating a safe environment. The Minister also announced that in an effort to keep the streets safe and aid the National Police, the armed forces have been asked to guard power stations, ports, bridges, airports, dams and military facilities.

More teachers have returned to work

On his visit to Alfonso Ugarte school in San Isidro, Peru’s Minister of Education, José Antonio Chang reported that teacher’s absence has decreased by 15 percent. Chang reassured parents and asked them to send their kids to school, stating that the national police is present making sure that areas are kept in peace. It is reported that 35 percent of the country’s teachers are taking part in strikes against the new "teacher’s profession" law. Unionists say it creates instability while the government argues that it will improve education in Peru.

Peru and China to negotiate commercial agreement

Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz announced that Peru and China will begin negotiating a commercial agreement in September. According to Aráoz, a group of Chinese representatives will come to Lima before the end of July to lay down the groundwork for negotiations. Aráoz stated the she would like to see negotiations move a little more quickly. Peru and China began discussing the possibility of an agreement in May, when two teams – Peruvian and Chinese representatives – met in Beijing.