Peru: Government to Invest $430 million in Public Services

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Verónica Zavala has informed that the government has provided $430 million for the construction of public services such as large highways.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has seen an increase in amounts received by the government.

When comparing last year’s $350 million to this years $430 million, Minister Zavala explained that the amount provided to the Ministry was due to larger investments the government is making.

"With higher investments being made by the government, last year we were given $350 million, now in 2007 we have received another $430 million – all of which we want to invest in building large highways," Zavala told Channel N on the Rumbo Económico program.

She also pointed out that during this administration there has been a significant increase in the money invested in public services, explaining that from 2003 – 2005 $260 million was provided for the construction or improvement of infrastructures per year.

Transport Minister Zavala expressed her commitment to ongoing projects, such as the South American Infrastructure (IRSA) project which is to provide highways that join several departments throughout the country.

"Apart from that, there are the highways that will join Tarapoto – Tingo María, then there is the highway that will join Abancay, Andahuaylas, Chincheros and Ayacucho. This will provide an additional road along the coast," explained Peru’s Transport Minister.

Concerning recent protests in Peru, Minister Zavala stated that the protests in Peru are being organized by radical groups which account for a minority of the country. She added that there is no reason for such protests since Peru is and has shown a significant economic growth.