Peru: Canola Investment to Provide 40 Thousand Jobs

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Executive President of the Highland Exportation Program, Gastón Benza Pflücker has predicted that the sowing and industrial processing of canola could generate 40 thousand jobs in the first four years.

He added that the cultivation and harvest of canola in Peru is much more profitable than that of the potato, due to the fact that sowing it requires a one time investment and it can be sold at low prices.

"This is why canola could be used as an alternative or a complement to the potato," commented Pflücker.

The tremendous advantages canola has lie in the fact that many diverse sub-products can be obtained, products such as biofuel, oil for foods, a balanced diet for livestock, honey and forage. "It’s a profitable product that will improve farmers economy and generate more jobs," assured Pflücker.

He also announced that representatives from companies such as Yanacocha, Alicorp, Petroperú, Fondeagro and others have already made a commitment to encourage the purchase and industrial production of canola as an edible product and a type of fuel.