Peru’s Ministry of Education Will Not Give In to Blackmail

(LIP-ir) — Education Minister José Antonio Chang asserted that he will not submit to Peru’s teachers union’s (SUTEP) attempt to blackmail the Ministry of Education with an indefinite strike in Peru.

In a press conference, Chang stated that the Ministry of Education was willing to resume negotiations, which SUTEP decided to end, as long as the union agreed to end protests so peace and order can be reestablished in Peru.

"The fact that there is a strike in Peru does not mean we [ the Ministry of Education] are going to request to begin negotiations, we would be entering a dangerous circle, every time the teachers want something in the future, they will want to blackmail us by threatening to interrupt the school year with strikes," stated Minister Chang.

Peru’s Education Minister requested parent’s help on the matter, asking them to send their children to school. He also requested that the media report any incidents of protestors not letting schools open or harassing substitute teachers.

He assured that Peru’s National Police would guarantee safety and that all the principals and teachers that have decided to take part in the strike and not open their schools will be punished accordingly.

Chang explained that Peru’s Ministry of Education has its doors open to the teachers and is willing to discuss the problems teachers may have. He also pointed out that teachers , student’s parents, SUTEP members and leaders, are invited to discuss the new teacher’s law as it is placed into effect.

Minister Chang informed that the process will take place over the next 180 days.