Peru: Concerned-Angry Parents respond to Protesting Teachers in Peru


(LIP-ir)  —  Over 10 thousand parents from various different schools in Lima Peru’s eastern districts, threatened to take over their children’s schools and protect substitute teachers if the teachers that are protesting do not return to their classrooms.

“Up until today parents have put up with bad teachers denying our kids the right to get an education. We’re tired of seeing our kids wandering the streets because their teachers kick them out of classrooms and close school doors,” stated the director of Peru’s Parent’s Association (APAFA), Juan Abad Casimiro.

Abad represents parents from 400 of Lima, Peru’s different schools, 380 thousand students, in the districts of Santa Anita, Lurigancho-Chosica, Vitarte, La Molina, Cieneguilla and Chaclacayo.

APAFA director for the schools in eastern Lima, Peru stated that parents are organizing themselves and will no longer tolerate the abuse their children are enduring. He explained that APAFA will simultaneously have meetings in different schools, where parents will plan the action they will take Monday July 16.

“We live in the poorest areas of Lima, an education is the only tool our children have to get out of this poverty. That is why will fight and let nothing get in the way of our children’s education,” declared Abad.