Peru: Saturday News Headlines – July 14


Cold wave continues in Peru

(LIP-ir)  —  Temperatures around the country continue to drop, the highlands being affected most with temperatures reaching record-breaking lows. Peru’s highlands, apart from being afflicted with heavy snowstorms, have reported temperatures as low as 22 degrees Celsius below zero. Director of Peru’s national weather service (SENAMHI), Julio César Villafuerte has reported that temperatures will begin to drop more during the first weeks of August.

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Lima, Peru’s Archbishop speaks on strikes

Lima, Peru’s Archbishop, Juan Luis Cipriani stated that the use of violence in strikes or protest delegitimizes the purpose of the strike and the whole strike itself. "If physical violence is used, a strike is not considered legitimate, it is clearly stated in the church’s social doctrine – point 304. It also states that a strike should always be a peaceful means of fighting for ones rights," stated the Archbishop. He went on to add that a strike is morally unacceptable if violence is included. He invited portestors to put down their rocks and sticks and peacefully solve their issues with the government.

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Private investment reaches $24bn in Peru

President Alan Garcia stated that Peru continues to be a place where investors choose to put their money, after announcing that private investments have reached $24 billion. He made these comments as he was inspecting "El Platanal" project in Cañete, a hydroelectric station built entirely with private Peruvian investments. "Private investment has reached its highest amount in all of Peru’s history," stated Peru’s President.

SUTEP to announce when strikes will stop in Peru

Peru’s teacher’s union (SUTEP) Secretary General, Luis Muñoz announced that today SUTEP delegates will meet and decide whether to stop or continue the strikes which began on July 5. Lozano stated in an interview with RPP Radio representatives that the time to lower tension has come, problems with education are bigger now." He added that the government should have openly discussed the new teacher’s law from a start.