Peru: Week in Review, Sunday July 15


Choose from a selection of over 25 of Peru’s top stories this week.

Monday, July 9

Peru: 15 Million Soles of Adulterated Medicine Seized
Peru: Caigua a new cholesterol herb
Peru: Thieves Burglarize Complex where Fujimori is Under House Arrest
Peru: Premier Opposes to ALBA Offices in Puno
Peru: Electricity to be Provided for 1 Million People in Rural Peru
Argentina Prepares for Mexico after 4-0 Win over Peru

Tuesday, July 10

Princess Anne Culminates Her Visit to Peru
SUTEP Protestors may have caused Bus Accident in Cusco, Peru
New Discoveries made near Machu Picchu in Qosqo, Peru
Peru: Teacher’s Union Claims Violation of Constitutional Rights
Regional President could Lose Position after ALBA Decision

Wednesday, July 11

APEC Forum could Triple Foreign Investment in Peru
Chilean Judge says "No" to Fujimori’s extradition
Democrats ready to Vote on FTA in September
U.S. Ambassador Struble ends term in Peru
Young Girl Killed during Protest

Thursday, July 12

Protestors Attempt to Take Over Train Station – Machu Picchu
Protests cost Peru $500 Thousand a Day
Government to Invest $430 million in Public Services
Canola Investment to Provide 40 Thousand Jobs
Protestors Gather Outside Chilean Embassy in Peru

Friday, July 13

Concerned-Angry Parents respond to Protesting Teachers in Peru
Exportation to EFTA countries nearly $1bn in 2007
Underground Central Station to be Most Modern in South America
Thieves Apprehended in Bank Heist
Peru’s Economist Hernando de Soto placed among 12 Most Important Economists of All Time