Peru’s Independence Day Honored in Miami, Florida

(LIP-ir) — Thousands of Peruvians were among the masses that sang, ate, drank and danced at the 6th Annual Peruvian Festival in Miami.

The festival, in honor of Peru’s Independance day, was held at Tamiami Park (Miami Dade County Fair Expo) on Sunday July 15 from noon to 11p.m.

The event gave Peruvian artists, such as Gianmarco and Miki González the opportunity to perform in South Florida to thousands of people and at the same time expand their audience.

The festival is known for inviting Peru’s  finest artists such as Pedro Suárez Vértiz the No sé quién y No sé cuántos, Eva Ayllón and many more.

The Festival was organized by Hispanic Group, in commemoration of Peru’s Independence Day, which is July 28. Hispanic Group, an American company founded by Peruvians, has taken on the task of organizing a celebration, which truly creates the spirit and jubilee of a Peruvian Independence day celebration since 2002.

For the occasion, the Peruvian flag was hoisted above the crowd during a traditional ceremony held by the president of Hispanic Group and the consul of Peru in Miami.

The occasion was also used as an opportunity to raise funds for all of Peru’s cold wave victims in the highlands. Local companies in Miami have donated large containers in which all of the clothes and medicine will be placed for shipment to Peru.

It was announced that all donations would be accepted at the Santa Catalina de Siena church in Kendall. A bank account. for anyone who wishes to help, has also been opened at the Bank of America. For the account number click here.