Peru: Peruvian Man Leaves Wife and Children Behind After Tragic TAM Accident in Brazil

(LIP-ir) — Brazil faced its worst air disaster in history yesterday evening, when an Airbus-320 passenger plane couldn’t manage to land on a short rain-slicked runway.

The plane, belonging to Brazilian company TAM with an estimated 186 passengers, crashed into a gas station and TAM building immediately bursting into flames.

The Brazilian government is enduring serious criticism for allowing planes to continue landing on the short runway known as the "aircraft carrier."

Apparently the pilot attempted to land on the slick runway but took off again when unable to land properly. Upon pulling up to try and land again, the plane was unable to gain altitude and barely cleared the airport fence while just missing rush hour traffic below.

It is estimated that the death toll has reached 200, 162 passengers – 18 TAM employees, a crew of six, workers in the building the plane crashed into and others on the ground at the time of the crash.

Peruvian citizen, Ricardo Tazoe Suguiyama was among the passengers on the plane. 36 year-old Ricardo Tazoe was traveling from Porto Alegre to Sao Paolo when the tragic accident occurred.

Tazoe’s family in Miami has been contacted and are in the process of sending dental records to positively identify him.

Ricardo Tazoe was an employee of Santander Bank in Miami. He is survived by his wife and two children.