Peru: Minister Reaches Agreement with Farmers, Violent Protests End

Minister of Agriculture, Ismael Benavides (Left)
© Andina

(LIP-ir) — Peace has returned to the streets of Andahuaylas. People are leaving their homes, shopping, strolling the streets and living in tranquility.

Strikes were stopped yesterday so that Peru’s government would send a committee to negotiate farmer’s demands.

Protests, which lasted for 9 days, not only closed down shops, stores and caused economic damage to the city but were also the cause of the death of farming director Jorge Altamirano.

On the same day, at least one hundred passengers lost all of their belongings when they were forced to get off of buses as protestors set them (2) on fire.

This seems to all be behind Andahuaylas, Peru, now that negotiations with farmers have begun. Agrarian Defense Front (FEDRA) President, Braulio Lazo stated that he was satisfied with agreements that have been made with Peru’s central government.

Lazo stated that negotiations were very beneficial, satisfactory and that Agricultural Minister, Ismael Benavides was very willing to negotiate and have problems solved.

Some of the agreements made were that the road from Andahuaylas to Abancay would be paved, that poor farmers and their families would have health insurance, that sales tax on over 20 types of fertilizer would be reduced and that loans would be more accessible to farmers.

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