Peru: Saturday News Headlines – July 21


More Security for Independence Day Holidays in Peru

Peru’s National Police Territorial Directorate has reported that 90 percent of Peru’s National Police will be placed on guard from July 23 to July 30, including Independence Day holidays, so as to ensure citizen safety. National Police representative Jorge de la Piedra has stated that Peru’s police has taken special measures so as to have the maximum amount of human resources to adequately protect people in Peru. He added that due to these strict measures, police officials will be unable to take time off during the Independence Day holidays.

Peru’s Government will have to rebuild the country’s image

Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Mercedes Aráoz has stated that Peru’s government will have to make an extra effort and invest in restoring the country’s image of peace after this time of protest. She added that after the violence reported in several parts of Peru, the government will now have to spend funds on rebuilding the country’s image. Minister Aráoz lamented that because of fear, hundreds of tourists have decided not to come to Peru and will not come unless safety is greatly increased.

Pisco production up 4.5 million liters

Secretary General of Peru’s National Pisco Commission (CONAPISCO) Luis Guerrero, has reported that the departments of Ica, Lima, Tacna, Arequipa and Moquegua have produced 4.5 million liters of Pisco this year. Guerrero told Andina News Agency that last years production of Pisco reached an approximate total of 4.1 million liters. He also stated that the department of Ica, 303 kilometers south of Lima, produces over 50 percent of Peru’s pisco.

"March of the Waris" to Lima

2,000 people have gotten together today in Ayacucho, Peru to start the "March of the Waris", which consists in the 2,000 people’s marching from Ayacucho to Lima. It is expected that they will arrive next Monday. Ayacucho’s Regional President Ernesto Molina has assured that the march will be peaceful and disciplined, not affecting tourism in anyway. Participants have declared that the march has been organized so Peru’s central government will aid in the region’s social necessities, especially health and education.