Peru Celebrates Independence Day with The Wong Corporation

(LIP-ir) — Over 150 thousand people enjoyed the 20th "Gran Corso de Fiestas Patrias Wong", the parade celebrated every year in honor of Peru’s Independence Day.

The event, which began with a huge Peruvian flag being carried by participants, has been classified as an "Event of Touristic Interest" by the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Anyone that could not see the parade in person could have watched it on any one of the 4 channels it was broadcast on.

The 150 thousand people that saw it in person and the 7 million that enjoyed it over T.V. were all amazed by the special surprises Wong had in store this year.

The Wong Corporation has been organizing this mega event, which is now a tradition and considered the commencement of Independence Day Holidays, for 20 years. Wong, now the largest and most important supermarket chain in the country, honors Peru and thanks its customer’s loyalty and preference with this yearly parade.

Beginning at 3 p.m. spectators enjoyed the spectacle full of music, dance, colors and original floats with their own lighting and sound. Audiences could appreciate folkloric dances from different regions of the country in typical clothes with live bands playing.

The Chinese dragon dance, Peruvian samba, Paso horses, clowns and acrobats are just some of the spectacular presentations audiences could enjoy.

The parade covered a 20 block route which began at the intersection of 28 de Julio with the Vía Expresa and ended on Diagonal Avenue. The grand parade culminated in a beautiful fireworks display.