Peru: Import & Export in Review


Chicha Morada Exported to Japan and the U.S.

Chicah Morada, prepared from maiz morado (purple corn) is being exported to Japan and the United States in a joint effort by Sierra Exportadora and the Lindley Corporation to promote the commercialization of maiz morado from the regions of Arequipa, Ayacucho, Áncash and Lima’s highlands. Two containers have been sent, one containing 16,800 one liter bottles and the other containing 14,500 liters of this typical Peruvian drink.

Farming Exportation Increases by 70%

Lima’s Chamber of Commerce reported that the exportation of farming products to Germany has increased by 70 percent between the months of January and May, making a total of $325.3 million of exported products in the non-traditional sector. More products have been exported to Germany than what has been imported. Imported products from Germany account for $279.7 million.

Over 30 percent of MYPES exportation to U.S.

The Guarantee Loan Fund for the Small Industry (FOGAPI) has reported that micro and small businesses (MYPES) in Peru are mainly exporting to the U.S. 31.5 percent of exports are targeted towards the U.S. market. The second highest destination is Venezuela with 11.3 percent followed by Spain (7.2%), Chile (3.9%), Japan (3.9%), Ecuador (3.8%), Mexico (3.5%), Italy (3%) and Germany with 2.6%. FOGAPI reported that at the close of 2006 there were 4,115 micro and small businesses exporting, it is estimated that by the end of 2007 there will be 4,425.