Peru: Government Purchases Hundreds of Patrol Cars for Peru’s Police

(LIP-ir) — The partnership, Daewoo International Corporation-Gun Supply International won the auction organized to establish who could provide Peru’s National Police with hundreds of new vehicles.

The auction was organized to find the lowest bidder, saving Peru 11 million 57 thousand 9 hundred and 11 soles.

Within the next 120 days, the partnership, Daewoo International Corporation-Gun Supply International is to provide Peru’s police with 698 vehicles, which have been assigned to take part in the Interior Ministry’s plan to increase safety.

The international companies are to provide Peur’s Ministry of the Interior with 245 sedans, 58 4×4 pickup trucks and 395 4×2 pickup trucks.

Representative of the partnership, Jorge Mendoza stated that the vehicles purchased by the state are Chinese manufactured with Japanese parts. He also stated that the vehicles would be specially equipped for Peru’s police force.

Despite the fact that 12 companies were informed of the auction, only 2 submitted their bids, one of which was not considered due to the fact that information about their supplier was not presented.

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